Working with an Experienced Recruiter Helps Maximize Your Talent Pool

You have an exciting role open at your company. A lot of people would be over the moon to snag it. So you post it out there, and wait for response.

And you get it. A lot of response, actually.

Now what? You don’t have time to slog through all these resumes! And even if you do, how can you be sure the right person is in there somewhere?

You don’t. But I do.

One of the most useful services you get when you work with a Recruiter is a trained eye on your candidate pool. In my role as a Executive Recruiter, I look at a lot of resumes and follow up with countless candidates. I have the proverbial 10,000 hours of experience that makes one an expert at decision-making.

Beyond that, I stay in touch with candidates even when they’re not actively pursuing a job. That means I have insight into talent that may not act on your job posting; the passive candidate.

This is a critical coup for you, because often the best candidate is the one who is not actively looking for a new job right now.

In any case, when you have a valuable opportunity available at your company, let a Recruiter like me help you fill it with the most deserving and talented candidate.