Do Job Titles Matter? Sometimes.

“Sam, I want the job, but not that title.” Occasionally I hear from a job-seeker that they’re interested in a role but would like to negotiate the title. Is this OK?

Sometimes. The answer depends upon your motivation for wanting a different title.

For instance, if you’re in sales and frequently interfacing with potential customers, your title could help tremendously with prospecting. You may have smart ideas about how your title could be improved to help you succeed in your job.

But if you’re simply not happy with being called a “VP” versus a “director,” you might not have a lot of leverage. Every company structures roles differently, so being a VP of one might not equate to the exact same thing as being the VP of another.

There’s not always a lot of wiggle room in a title, but don’t lose focus on what’s really important: the impact you’ll have in the role itself. Make sure you aren’t overly focused on what will appear on your LinkedIn profile. It’s the day-to-day experience that ultimately will matter.