Should I Switch Careers? Here Are Five Keys to Keep In Mind

For a lot of people I talk with as a Recruiter, the careers they went to school for don’t necessarily map to the roles they’re interested in today.

One big reason for this is the rapidly changing nature of the professional landscape. A lot of critical roles in today’s economy simply didn’t exist 10 or 20 years ago.

There are other reasons for a career switch, of course. You get to know yourself as you endure in professional life, and hone in on what drives you and where you can make the biggest impact.

Jeff Gothelf, an award-winning author and coach, wrote a book called Forever Employable that puts forth five key concepts to embrace when considering a career pivot:

✅ Adapt a spirit of entrepreneurialism
✅ Practice self-confidence about sharing your experience to date
✅ Embrace continuous learning
✅ Constantly improve at everything you do
✅ Don’t shy away from reinvention

Companies are not afraid to re-org and reinvent themselves. You should not be, either!