Why It Might Be Time You Recruit Out-of-State Candidates

Finding enough (and the right) tech talent is the elusive dream of many hiring managers. With unemployment at a 50-year low, candidates have lots of options.

McKinsey, those masters of analysis, suggest that where you live has a lot to do with what your talent pipeline looks like.

For example, technology professionals with AI skills gravitate to the West Coast. But the Capital Region (that’s the Washington DC, area, including Baltimore and Northern Virginia) contains 12% of all information security workers. That’s more than twice as many as the next city down the list.

This is not surprising. Washington, DC, serves as a hub of the defense industry. Still, companies elsewhere looking for information security talent would be wise to extend their search to the Capital Area.

Being creative and looking outside your immediate area is one way to widen the talent pool you’re drawing from. This is where a Recruiter like myself and the others at Newcastle Associates can help