What’s Recruitment Technology Going to Be Like in a Post COVID-19 World?

What will recruiting look like in a post-pandemic world?

A lot of it will continue to be virtual, for one thing. Not just recruiting, but networking, career fairs, and professional events are all going remote.

Luckily, the tools for these kinds of interactions existed long before the #pandemic took over our lives. In addition to Zoom, recruiters like myself and the others here at Newcastle Associates are typically quite familiar with HR-specific technology tools such as applicant-tracking systems and algorithms that help screen resumes.

But new tools are emerging, too. Artificial intelligence (AI) in particular will be increasingly helpful in matching up candidates to companies in the future.

And as the HR world gets better and better at orchestrating virtual events, expect far less physical palm-pressing in your professional future.

The article from Forbes has some suggestions. What does remote recruiting look like for you?