What Leaders Need Know to Lead Effectively During COVID-19

A lot of the leaders I talk to are dealing with chaos and uncertainty right now. Leading teams and projects has gotten trickier with work-from-home mandates changing the way we work dramatically.

At times like these, as The Google School for Leaders says, “Leaders are required to operate in a constant state of triage to keep things going.”

So what does this group of experts recommend leaders do right now to navigate the chaos and complexity? It’s a two-part answer.

First, chaos: when things are ambiguous, unpredictable, and out of your control, you have to be able to pivot quickly and trust your instincts. It’s all about concise, decisive action.

Leading through complexity takes a different skillset. You need a solid mental roadmap and a way of communicating it clearly to your organization. “Step back and try to see the bigger picture,” advises Google.

Of course, these are pretty broad pieces of advice, and your current scenario is probably very specific. But finding the balance of managing chaos and complexity is key to presiding over a company in times like these.