What Job Seekers Need to Know About Making Themselves a Brand

Is 2020 going to be the year you get truly clear on your career?

As a Recruiter, in these first months of the year, I often notice an uptick in contact from individuals ready to make a career move.

Kanika Tolver, CEO and author of Career Rehab, has this spot-on advice for people actively seeking to rehab, reinvent or resurrect a career:

Be a brand, not an employee.

But what exactly does this mean?

It means taking a proactive stance on identifying your strengths and capabilities, your subject-matter expertise and your narrative around all of it. That narrative will help you write your CV, craft cover letters, interview with clarity and have on-the-spot conversations while networking for jobs.

Tolver says — and I agree — that you should market yourself like advertising, with wittily crafted social-media posts and, of course, a decent headshot. If your LinkedIn picture is a snapshot in a conference room or, worse, a blank avatar, you’re not selling yourself.