We Can Adapt. We’ve Done It Before.

You’ve probably seen the “keep calm and carry on” graphic. You may or may not know that it’s not a new meme. Lots of modern variants out there. It’s actually an old motivational poster designed by the British government’s Ministry of Information in 1939 as World War II ramped up. Nearly two and a half million posters were printed!

The message of this poster seems particularly modern today, though. There have been fewer times in modern history when it’s been this important to keep calm and carry on.

But for a lot of my clients this certainly doesn’t mean “business as usual.” In fact, things are changing wildly for many companies. They’re having to revisit live events and project deadlines, arrange for employees to work remotely whenever possible, conduct remote interviewing and scramble to realign plenty of their initiatives with the state of the world today.

While coronavirus has a lot of us thrown for a loop, I think the message in the old British poster still applies, with a slight addendum:

Keep calm and carry on… adaptably.