Want to Lower Your Candidate Fall Off Rate? Focus on the Application Experience

You thought you’d identified the perfect candidate — then she turned down the job. What happened?

Statistically speaking, she may have had a bad experience during the hiring process that you weren’t even aware of. According to PwC, nearly half of job seekers have turned down an offer for this reason.

Katie Burke, chief people officer for HubSpot, outlines four ways to ensure you’re offering the best “customer experience” to your candidates:

1. Do a good job of setting expectations by clearly defining what will happen at each stage of the hiring process.

2. Communicate early and often. Candidates’ number-one complaint is lack of timely response from prospective employers.

3. Use automation — but don’t lose human interaction.

4. Lead with empathy. It helps build trust and rapport right off the bat.

If you’d like more tips and techniques for offering a good customer experience to candidates during the hiring process, that’s in my wheelhouse as Executive Recruiter at Newcastle Associates.