Video Conference Best Practices We Need to Embrace While Working from Home

Would you show up for an in-person work meeting in your pajamas, bowl of cereal in hand?

While there are plenty of heated opinions about whether video calls are as productive as face-to-face meetings, the reality today is that a lot of people are having a lot of them.

There’s been plenty of advice going around about video conference best practices. The one thing I’ve heard that I really love and want to share with you is this:

Create an office social pact — even a contract— stating that everyone will treat online meetings like they would in-person meetings.

That doesn’t necessarily mean everyone has to get dressed up and put their shoes on. But it does mean acting with attention and decorum.

It also might mean asking people to close their other devices or turn them face-down so that distractions are limited.

My clients at Newcastle Associates are all scrambling to institute new workplace methodologies and policies. Part of weathering this #covid19 semi-quarantine together will be finding ways to keep our workplace culture intact even as our habits and environments shift.