Vera Wang: Style and Career-Change Icon.

What happens to a girl who grows up dreaming of being an ice-skating star, but isn’t quite good enough to make it?

If that girl is Vera Wang, she pivots.

Today, of course, we know Wang as an iconic designer who rules the runway and outfits lucky brides of a certain status. Her net worth is estimated at $420M, and she also holds the title of youngest-ever editor at Vogue.

But Wang didn’t become a fashion designer until she was around 40 years old.

Point is, it’s never too late for a pivot. At Newcastle Associates, I sometimes work with candidates who have profound change in mind. They’re burnt out on their current path or have a passion they’ve always wanted to pursue.

But they’re comfortably ensconced in their current careers, and not sure how to make a change.

You don’t have to be facing a dead end like Wang was with her ice skating career. It might be that you’re absolutely on track to keep doing what you’re doing forever. But will it make you happy?

If you have a pivot in mind, let’s talk.