The Secret to Turning Your Fear into Action

We all have an ambiguous relationship with fear. To some extent, if you’re not nervous, you’re not paying attention.

Fear about financial security, for instance, can be a big motivator.

But not every type of fear is productive, and some can be downright destructive. The trick is to know the difference.

When I work with candidates, as a Recruiter, I often note a healthy nervousness in those about to undergo a job interview. They’re on their toes, and that keeps them on their game.

But if that nervousness comes from a place of self-doubt—”Am I good enough for this job?” — the fear can become self-sabotage.

Nate Klemp, on Inc., says this latter type of fear is “vague, personal and full of stories that may or may not be true.” Noticing when you’re having the fear is the first step to banishing it.

Instead, focus on the fears with a tangible link to action. If you can remedy it, great! Otherwise, let it go.