Ready for a Career Change? There’s a Science to New Career Success

Ready to make a change in your career? Turns out, there’s a science to this.

It’s called the Stages of Change Model, and it outlines the six steps people go through to make a dramatic change:
1. Precontemplation
2. Contemplation
3. Determination
4. Action
5. Maintenance
6. Termination

The first stage, Precontemplation, is a particularly interesting one. It’s when we very first realize we have a problem (company/boss, compensation, culture, etc.) We aren’t yet ready to do anything about it, but that nagging little voice in the back of our head whisper-shouts THIS IS NOT WORKING.

Getting from stage 1 to stage 2 is the trickiest part of the whole equation. It takes a lot of motivation, and that’s the one thing you probably don’t have.

Typically, that shift only happens when stage 1 becomes intolerable. Or when the benefits of change finally outweigh the risks of staying the same.

Once you enter stage 2 — Contemplation — you have a trajectory. While this stage may take deep advantage of your procrastination skills, change at this point is nearly inevitable.

If you’re stuck in Precontemplation in your current position, what’s it going to take to bump you to the next level? (And if you want to talk to a Recruiter about this, I’m all ears!)