Procrastinating on Your Resume? Keep This Advice in Mind

There are few things people procrastinate more than working on their resume.

I chalk this up to a mental block. After all, a resume is a sheet of paper — or, more likely, an electronic file — that’s supposed to represent you completely. It’s a lot of pressure, and most people would rather do just about anything else than work on it.

But if you’re looking for a job, you’re not going to make any progress until you get that resume done — and done well.

Here’s my advice:

1. Just get it started. Your first draft can be a sloppy mess.
2. Sleep on it, then go over it again.
3. Rinse, repeat.

Once you’ve spent a few days to a week working on your resume, hand it over to someone else — this might be a professional coach, an HR expert or just a friend who happens to be great at grammar. Getting another set of eyeballs on your resume is critical to catching typos and quirks that don’t work.

The important thing is to get started. Perfecting will come with iteration.