It’s Time to Make Joy a Priority at Work

“Sam, I want to find more joy at work this year.”

… is something literally no one has said to me. My clients tend to be focused on finding smart hires and making informed leadership decisions that will positively affect their companies and careers.

The candidates I speak with are similarly focused on success metrics and career transformation.

But what if joy were a success metric?

A piece on lays out the four ways we can all work on bringing more joy into our work:

1. Focus on collaboration and helping your co-workers. Why? The number one response the authors got on a survey about “What brings you joy?” was “people.”

2. Be your best self. That looks different for everyone, but it has to do with being in your own creative flow.

3. Solve problems. Where hard work pays off.

4. LAUGH. It’s not just the best medicine, it’s imperative to happiness!