Is Merit How Candidates Will Prove Themselves in the Future?

When you submit a resume to a prospective job does it sometimes feel like you’re just sending a paper airplane into the abyss?

The startup Merit has an interesting perspective on hiring that could potentially shift the way people apply for jobs.

Merit focuses on hiring in a particular market: VC firms. Applicants for internships compete by gaining points for accomplishing tasks. For instance, they might evaluate a new startup and write an analysis, which is then graded by other applicants.

The whole thing is anonymous; no resumes are involved. The idea is that this “prove yourself” mode of applying is more equitable and fair — no more connections in high places to get through the door.

It’s also a 6-week process, and quite a commitment, so hiring managers at VC firms know that any applicants who make it through are serious.

As an Executive Recruiter at Newcastle Associates, I look forward with curiosity to how Merit fares in the real job market. This new model could shift the way we do things and help create more diversity in many kinds of fields.