Human Intelligence Won’t Be Replaced by Artificial Intelligence

AI and HR — two abbreviations that don’t necessarily seem to go well together.

As we forge into the next decade, there’s a lot of buzz around how Artificial Intelligence and automation will impact the job market. In my role as Recruiter, I field a fair amount of questions about AI’s impact on jobs.

The short answer is that many jobs will be replaced or changed by automation, sure. But most HR and intelligence experts agree that for every job lost to AI, a new one will crop up around managing and working with data.

Felicia Tan, General Manager, Human Resources, Fuji Xerox Malaysia, is focused on Talent Acquisition in the tech space, so quite familiar with the topic of AI in HR.

Tan sees certain human-only traits becoming increasingly critical in the age of AI: curiosity, imagination, empathy, creativity, intuition, emotional intelligence. For individuals with the goal of staying relevant and competitive, honing and cultivating these skills will be increasingly important.

Quote ” As technology automates routine tasks, human intelligence becomes more important in the digital economy”.

One thing is for sure: it’s going to be a wild ride.