How Will the Rise of AI Impact Human Employees?

How does one talk intelligently about artificial intelligence?

When it comes to AI, it can be hard to tell the difference between hype and genuine potential.

I found this recent piece from The One Brief really useful in thinking through the true potential of AI.

It’s easy to fall into a pattern of thinking where the rise of AI means the mass unemployment of human beings. But industry experts, including the people witnessing the AI revolution already underway, are quick to point out this just isn’t true.

Rather, the rise of AI will make human employees more empowered to make more efficient and transparent decisions. As the amount of information available to employees becomes higher and more precise, the nature of risk is bound to change.

This is always good to hear as a Recruiter. More than other professions, I think Recruiters are uniquely tuned into the value of human intelligence.

In my nearly 30 years as a Recruiter, I’ve interacted with countless candidates and clients, and if they all had one thing in common it would be this: a deep appreciation for the type of work people can do.