How to Prepare for a Job Interview and Make a Good Impression

Pssst’… want to hear a job seeking secret?

You don’t have to walk into a job interview with absolutely no idea how it’s going to go.

It’s perfectly acceptable as a job-seeker to ask questions in advance so you feel more prepared for the interview.

On Fast Company, Marc Cenedella recommends that job seekers ask the person who sets up the interview direct questions such as “What 3 things are most important to success in this role?”

Having the success criteria prioritized will help you better prepare you for how to speak about your experience and your goals. It also provides a good check-in for you to evaluate whether this is, in fact, going to be the right fit for YOU.

I often see in my work as Recruiter, candidates can easily get so anxious about making a good first impression that they forget to ask themselves whether they really want the job.

Interviewing preparation and asking the right questions before going onsite can definitely help.