Here’s How to Research a Company in 3 Simple Steps

Recruiters and other career advice-givers will often tell you to do your research on a company before you interview with them. And usually, candidates will smile and nod, but occasionally, one will get the nerve up to say:

“Sam, what exactly do I look for?”

So let’s get specific. Here’s what you should look for when you research a potential employer:

1. Check out their website, obviously, but don’t just skim — read everything: the About Us page, the Team Bios, the Mission Statement.

2. Google the company to get any outside perspective you can find. What do other publications, employee review sites, Glassdoor, etc. have to offer?

3. Your own network. Scan your contacts on LinkedIn, in particular, to see if you know anyone who might have insight, either because they work at the company now, have worked there in the past, or work with the company as an outside vendor or freelancer.

Invest some time in the research. And show up for your interview with all the information you need to sound smart and make balanced decisions.

How do you research a potential employer and what do you look for?