Feeling Stressed? Now Is the Perfect Time for Self-Care

“Sam, I’m stressed.”

This is the most common response I’m getting these days to a simple “How are you?” and I get it. These are pretty stressful times.

But inherent in this challenge lies the opportunity for some hardcore self-care.

The Mayo Clinic’s website has a variety of in-depth resources and guides to control stress. Here’s what they recommend for building up more stress-resistance, for instance:

1. Create awareness — When you become aware you’re feeling anxious, take a moment to pause, listen to your body, recognize what you’re experiencing and perhaps even write it down.

2. Focus your attention on the present moment and practice controlling your mind’s tendency to wander. This might mean using some basic meditation techniques or breaking for a quick walk around your neighborhood to shift your focus.

3. Pause before you pass judgement. See if you can shift “This sucks” to “Here’s what I feel grateful for right now.”