COVID-19 and Your Job Security. Here’s What You Need to Know

Sam, how can I secure my job right now?”

This is a question I’ve been fielding more than usual lately. It’s been a few months of uncertainty and, frankly, economic mayhem.

Companies are looking for employees that exhibit a few particular qualities: resilience, inventive thinking, and the ability to execute quickly.

If you want to be indispensable to your company, bring your creativity to the table. Claire Telling, CEO (Americas region) of Grace Blue Partnership, told The Muse:

“I predict that the silver lining of all of this is there will be a higher value on inventiveness and creative problem-solving — those people who can think differently about a challenge and who bring inventive solutions will be highly sought after.”

This is no time to play it small. If you want to secure your job, let your bolder attributes shine right now.