Before You Start a New Job This Year, Master Your Personal Brand

It’s a New Year and a new opportunity to think about your personal brand. If you were a brand, what would your logo look like?

Would it be a classic Times New Roman font? Cartoon Sans? An animated emoji?

One thing great candidates do well is that they understand their own personal brand. They know what makes them unique, what defines them in the eyes of potential employers and how they come across on social media as well as in person.

Having a personal brand means that you tell a story with your professional history. You can build a narrative with your job experience and show future employers how everything you’ve done until now led to this point.

It means you know your purpose and where you can have impact, and you’re able to articulate it well, even under pressure.

If your goal this year is to get a new job, start with your brand. And if you need some help defining it, give me a call at Newcastle Associates and we’ll work on your story together.