5 Video Job Interview Tips Everyone Should Follow

We’re suddenly finding ourselves doing all video calls, all the time. And if you’re a hiring manager or candidate looking for a job, a lot of these video calls are interviews.

As a Recruiter, I’m well-versed in coaching candidates through job interviews. Video interviews are not new but getting the most out of a video interview is as important than ever. Here are some tips:

– Just like you would in an in-person interview, dress professionally. But for a video call, avoid bright colors and distracting patterns. Neutral colors against a blank wall work best; avoid a distracting background.

– Do a test run and make sure the connections and settings on your laptop or mobile device are correct.

– One of the benefits of video versus the phone is that people can read body language. Don’t forget to smile, nod and show you’re engaged. Use hand gestures when appropriate, but not so much that it’s distracting.

– Especially if you’re on a small laptop screen, print out any materials you need for reference during the call so you don’t have to flip back and forth between windows. Your resume and the job description should be printed and on your desk.

– Put your phone and other nearby devices in silent mode (and your kids too, if you can!).