4 Proven Tips to Avoid Expensive Hiring Mistakes

Does your budget have $100,000 to spare?

Hiring mistakes can be expensive. Sadly not every hire will work out well in the long run.

Lou Adler, CEO of Performance-based Hiring Learning Systems, uses the $100,000 figure to illustrate his point about hiring mistakes in a recent LinkedIn Talent Blog.

He makes some good points about how to avoid such mistakes.
1. Don’t let first impressions lead your hiring decisions. Always wait 30 minutes before making a conscious decision about whether you like the person for the job.
2. Take “fit factors” into consideration — work style in particular. If the person isn’t a fit for your company culture, it’s not going to work no matter how talented they are.
3. Don’t use a surplus of talent strategy when a surplus of talent doesn’t exist. Instead, go with a “high touch” talent strategy that offers career growth.
4. Make sure any recruiter you work with clarifies the job in detail with the candidate before you even interview.

This last point is my wheelhouse. We take great pains to assess every angle of a job before making candidate recommendations. It’s my goal to send only candidates who will truly be the right fit.