Paul Teutul Sr.

Paul Teutul Sr. frequently called Senior was born May 1, 1949 in Yonkers, New York as Paul John Teutul. Paul Sr. was raised in Pearl River, New York. Paul is a loving father of four, author, producer, owner of Orange County Choppers, and star focus of the hit reality television series American Chopper. 

During Paul Sr.’s early days he sailed as a member of the United States Merchant Marines during the Vietnam War. He never served in a branch of the United States military. 

After Paul returned from the war, he started his own company called Orange County Ironworks, a fabrication shop now solely owned by his son Daniel Teutul. 

Inspired by the custom bikes appearing in the streets and in films, Paul Sr. started building custom bikes for his pleasure. In 1999, Paul left Orange County Ironworks and founded Orange County Choppers based in Newburgh, New York to build and sale custom bikes. 

Sparking the interest of the Discovery Channel, Paul Sr. picked up a documentary series called American Chopper which made its first on air debut March 31, 2003. The series centers on Paul Teutul Sr. and crew who manufacture custom chopper-style motorcycles. 

Due to its popularity during the first seasons, American Chopper inspired two video game titles. The first was American Chopper by Activision Value, released for the PlayStation 2, PC and Xbox. The second, American Chopper 2: Full Throttle by Creat Studios was released for the Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox. 

In 2006 Paul Sr. published his first book titled Orange County Choppers. A few years following in 2009 his second book was published titled The Ride of a Lifetime.  Paul Sr. has also produced American Chopper in 2009-2010, and then featured in another reality series Orange County Choppers: American Made from 2015-2016.  

Paul Sr. has acted in a few movies and series such as Wild Hogs and My Name is Earl. He also has appeared on numerous TV shows including the Celebrity Apprentice, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel and countless other nationally televised talk shows.  Paul Sr.’s tough guy image is contradicted by his tireless involvement with various charities such as HVSPCA, Make-A-Wish, St Jude’s Children’s Hospital, and the Boys and Girls Club of America.