The Secret to Marketing Your Competitive Advantage to Companies

How much are you worth?

If you’re in the midst of a job search, you have a product to offer: yourself. Prospective employers are your customers, and you truly have to sell yourself to them.

Think of a labor market as a true market. You need a competitive advantage. As Reid Hoffman writes in his book The Startup of You (a great title):

“You are selling your brainpower, your skills, your energy. And you are doing so in the face of massive competition. Possible employers, partners, investors, and other people with power choose between you and someone who looks like you.”

What makes you the right choice? Or, as Hoffman says, “How are you first, only, faster, better, or cheaper than other people who want to do what you’re doing in the world?”

In my conversations with candidates every single day here at Newcastle Associates, I often have this type of conversation. And I have yet to meet a candidate who doesn’t have something special to offer. Sometimes it’s just a matter of teasing it out.

Connect with me if you’d like to tease out your “something special”!