How We Work

How We Work

How We Work

Our Recriutement Process

How we do it?

We’ve developed a multi-step recruitment process through experience in placing hundreds of professionals into positions of responsibility.


Organizational needs analysis We start off with an evaluation of the organization to ensure we fully understand the company and the type of people that add value to their business. This includes an understanding of the client’s products and services, the business direction, and the company culture.


Success criteria We complete a consultation with the hiring authority to guarantee our understanding of the required skills and approaches to help the person succeed in the position.


Identification of Sources There may be particular industry experience that is required for success criteria. We determine the best mix of sourcing active and passive candidates through a variety of sourcing methods including industry referrals, professional organizations and internet searching.


Screening and Selection Much of the value that we provide is in identifying suitable candidates through an extensive evaluation process. In most searches, we screen an average of 100-200 candidates to find a short list of qualified candidates. We then go through a selection process to screen top candidates for an interview with us.


Client Interview We will prepare the candidate for the interview with you, coordinate schedules, and manage the candidate through the interview process.


Closing Presentation of the job offer and negotiation of salary, bonus and other pieces of compensation are facilitated through our professionals. We make all arrangements to ensure that starting the new hire is simple and smooth.


Performance monitoring Our job is not done at placement. We will continue to ask for feedback on new employee performance to confirm that we did our job exceptionally.